The jangle of the bell

I think that the jangle of the ringing bell is the most awaited sound of the day in school.

Especially, when you’re sitting in class and Miss Bharati is doing some boring poem in Hindi and you’re just wishing that this particular period would end soon.You are trying hard to understand what this teacher is saying and probably cursing the poet at the same time. Your friends also look very sleepy and look like they could doze off any minute. Tarani is very hungry. She said she brought pav bhaji. My mouth watered. I wished I could trade my chapati with her pav bhaji. The boys were playing hand cricket under the desk. Rohit was hiding a yawn.

The teacher is moving to and fro, her green rimmed spectacles resting on her nose.

I glance at my watch for the hundredth time today. 5 minutes remaining……3 minutes…..1 minute.

Trrrrrrr, the shrill sound of the school bell was followed by noise and sounds of books closing. It was lunch break now.


We politely wished the teacher and then rushed out of the classroom to wash our hands and have our lunch.


School- A dream or a nightmare?

I hurriedly gulped my milk as I heard my driver honking his horn impatiently. school

It was the first day of school. This used to be a dreadful thought for me.(and for all my other friends) But this year I missed my friends and thought only about the good side of school. What could be that bad about school?

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