The tailor bird

Where are you, oh tailor bird?

your chirping sounds are seldom heard.

With your short tails and curved bills,

you are rare even near your home, the tropical hills.

Long branches hide your shy, green face,

with your tiny, green wings you fly in space.

You have a thousand apologies from me,

for it’s our human activities that make you flee.

So dear tailor bird, please heed my plea,

For I wish to see more of thee.





My train journey…

It was Sunday, and we were leaving to Calicut that day, for the occasion of a wedding. We were to travel by train. It was a five hour journey.

We entered the train at around 1 pm.

We were sharing three seats 33, 34 and 35. I walked into our compartment and I looked at the young woman sitting across us. She was wearing a blue printed kurta and a red pant. She was eating something. A full plate of Biryani😋Next to her was her friend. She was also having the same.

I brought a book along with me to read on the long journey, but later I got bored with the book and stopped reading the boring story of the hunter and the peasant.

I decided to stop staring at her, after the train started moving and glued my eyes to the windows. But she returned once again with a chips packet and began munching them, bits of the chips falling from her mouth on her lap. She brushed them off and continued chewing.

She then crumpled the plastic packet and threw it outside the window. I judged her immediately. So much for the Swachh Bharat movement.🙄(Clean India movement)

She then slept against the window, her tongue touching the iron rods. Yuck!

After sleeping for some time, she returned with a full bottle of Sprite and began drinking that too. She finished the full bottle within a few minutes.

I started staring at the scenery outside and kept praying that the train wouldn’t fall into the river below. I always get scared when the train moves in a high speed. My hair was getting blowed away by the wind and I had to smooth it back constantly to make it sit properly.😡

Later I looked back at the lady again and found that she was now having something else. A vada  two vadas were in her plate now. Okay, so far I didn’t even have a sip of water.

I knew that eventually my dad will want to take photos, and would be asking me to exchange places.

And then he did ask, but he said that he was feeling rather sleepy now so he remained in the seat. I was glad for I liked this seat.

The girl and her friend left the train after a couple of stations. But soon after they left, a family of three entered our compartment. The little girl in the family, began munching on a piece of apple.

We finally reached our destination at 5:30 pm and when I got down from the train, I looked like Merida from Brave😁 I finally got to eat something at the party at around  8:oo clock.


What I did for my mom’s Birthday..


It was my my mother’s birthday. I wanted to make a gift myself for her as usual…

I USUALLY do a quilling earring for her birthday or anniversary. This time I had debated on whether to prepare a caramel custard. But the last time I tried doing that, it had melted and we had to drink a caramel milkshake.


So I crossed caramel custard from my list.

Other than that I know how to make loom bands and scooby wires. But I KNOW that she adores quilling. So quilling it was!

I searched all over the internet for something pretty and finally found it. There were two designs and I couldn’t decide which one to do. So I decided on doing both. There was not enough time and I had to be faster. I had exams coming up and was busy with my studies. But I found plenty of time on Saturday(the day when my exam ended.)

I got some paper quilling white strips from my friend.(btw the combination was blue and white. Blue and green for the grape based earring:))

I hustled up in dabbing the gum and rolling the paper while my mom was asleep.

I know that it’ll look good on the blue tops she has…here’s the picture

My brother had already prepared a greeting card. So now,all the work was done!

Now I still had the party to look forward to. It was not a surprise party. Just a small party for all our relatives and family members.

My Mother was so pleased with the earrings,that she wore them for the party. Everyone admired it.(I was not so happy with the earrings though. I thought I could’ve made it better, don’t you?)

At the end of the day I knew I could say that this was another perfect birthday…



Why this site?

My dad introduced me to this site. I was feeling bored and I knew that this would help me spend time.
Besides reading and studying, I don’t do anything else at home. So I want to give this site a try. I’m looking forward to post and read articles.
I also LOVE to read and write,I spend most of the time reading novels.