She lives in all of us

My mamma once told me a story about a girl braver than me,

strong and brave – hearted was she.

A person to be remembered, a girl with a lot of pluck,

she was on that plane, it was just her bad luck.

But a good thing, that she was there,

for the passengers were saved by her courage and dare.

To save three kids,

She took three bullets, she did.

That’s why when I hear the word pluck,

I think of braveheart Neerja Bhanot.





Yoga day in rain

I wished it wouldn’t rain this fine day,

but the sky was already dark grey,

and then it all poured down suddenly in a big rush,

No one thought it would rain this much.

It destroyed the atmosphere,

where was the joy, the spirit, the cheer?

We were drenched from head to toe,

while people gathered around to watch the show.

They were with umbrellas after all,

while some covered their heads with their shawl.

Yoga in rain is not as easy as they say,

“It’s nothing more than child’s play”

And there went “Yoga day” in the rain,

hope that it never happens once again.