Ice cream!!

Last year during vacation time, my cat (actually a street cat, which I used to call ‘my cat’) visited our house. We were having fish that day and my mother was cutting fish. My neighbor was having fish too. Kitty tried that place first, but after realizing that she won’t get any fish there, she came to our house, knowing that she will get something. Cats are always welcome in my house. So Billy paid a visit to our house. My mother told me to shoo it away, so I led poor, hungry Kitty to the parking place. While Kitty waited, I searched in the kitchen for cat food.

I thought of feeding kitty some fish, but I knew that if I did then mom will chase me and kitty both. Besides I loved fish way too much, to let it go into waste. I then searched in the fridge. Nothing. Wait, wasn’t there a cup of ice cream in the freezer?

Kitty meowed impatiently. I signaled her to wait.(as if she can understand😆)

Yesss! There was a ‘Ideals” 🍨Tango Berry ice cream cup. Well, I couldn’t let kitty die of hunger, could I? So I went outside to kitty and put about 3-4 spoons of ice cream on the ground. Kitty licked it. I wondered if she liked it. If she did then I could give her ice cream everyday!(If I left any😁)

I knew a moment later, for Silly Billy sat on it.

Kitty tried to get up, but her tail was already stuck in the ice cream. It meowed more and I started getting scared. Using its paws, it tried to get up. But no. After trying and kicking after about 30 seconds, Kitty got up. It looked at me as if it was my fault and walked away with its black orangepink tail in the air. That was the last time I saw kitty. And that will be the last time I give ice cream to a Silly Billy….


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