South Indian weddings

I love to go to weddings and functions, specially because I get to meet friends and family, and weddings means unlimited fun!!

Recently, my uncle (my mom’s cousin) got married. I was excited as usual. My mother promised me a new dress (Lehenga). So I couldn’t wait for the wedding to come. The wedding was on 21st of December.

It was to take place in a temple. That day finally arrived.

We had to wake up at 6 in the morning. And I had that usual feeling, that exciting, nervous feeling you get, when you get up in the morning, when something’s about to happen.

We had to get ready and go to my grandma’s house, from where we’ll go the wedding hall. My grandma, her three brothers and her sister all live in the same compound. That’s why I like to go to my grandma’s house, because I get to meet my cousins and relatives all in one place.

We all dressed up and made our way to my grandma’s house, which was only a kilometer far from my house. Everyone was already there. All the cars were decorated and the all the people were dressed in traditional Indian clothing.



You can see my uncle in the blue shirt. Holding his hand is his brother in law. He is accompanied by the wedding band.


The men wore kurta’s (traditional Indian clothing) and the ladies wore sarees (cloth about 5-9 yards long that is draped around the body).

After an hour, we were ready to go. In Indian weddings, all the close relatives and friends go together to the wedding like in a procession in their own cars. Well it was like that. The groom’s car should always lead the others.

After 15 minutes we reached the hall to find the bride’s party already there and waiting. Then the groom was taken inside the hall, while the bride and all the ladies assemble in two separate lines facing each other. Here, women from the groom’s family had to first apply the tilak (a mark worn on the forehead by hindus) on the foreheads of the brides relatives. I always liked this part and tried to stay as close as possible watching it with interest. Each woman was given something to hold. My mother was given perfume, my aunt flowers and so on.

This is the grooms family. The woman in red is from the brides family.
The woman in pink is my aunt. She is applying kumkum on the bride’s forehead.

After this ceremony the bride was taken inside the hall by my aunt. In Hindu marriages the sister of the groom had to accompany the bride everywhere holding her hand while the sister’s husband accompanies the groom.

When we entered the hall, I was awed by the decorations of the stage. It looked beautiful!! It was decorated beautifully with flowers.


The hall was partially filled and the guests would be arriving soon. So me and my cousin had to stand at the entrance of the hall to welcome the guests with flowers, kumkum and rosewater. It was hard work to watch everyone take pictures and enjoy, when we were busy welcoming the guests. We had to do that for about 30 mins and I missed some of the wedding rituals and customs.

There were a lot of rituals and seven oaths that the bride and groom had to take. After each oath they would circle the agni (fire) to solidify their bond. The groom usually leads the bride in the walk.


Then there’s the garland exchange ceremony. The couple exchange garlands made of freshly prepared flowers like in ancient times.


Then there’s the mangalsutra ceremony. A mangalsutra is a black and gold beaded necklace. The bride moves on to sit on the left side of the groom, the closest to the groom’s heart and the he places the mangalsutra around her neck.


You can see everyone throwing rice on the couple. Hindus consider rice a symbol of wealth and prosperity. So they shower it on the couple to bless them a future of prosperity and well being.

Then after all the functions I went to the food counter to have a look at the food. The aroma couldn’t keep me from waiting any longer, so I had my lunch. The food was extremely delicious.DSC_0224.JPG


Everyone having their food in traditional banana leaf.

I had my lunch long back so I was sent back to the A.C hall. There was little time left and I knew that later I would regret letting the moments go so fast. This wedding was so much fun and I’m glad that my mother has so many cousins so that I can look forward to many other functions like this one.


My dad is on the left most side and the rest are all my uncles.


I loved each and every second of it. So that’s my experience. I also love my new aunt and am really happy for my uncle.

Thank you so much for visiting my site and reading this post. I hope you liked it. I’ll try to post more oftensmile.





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