School- A dream or a nightmare?

I hurriedly gulped my milk as I heard my driver honking his horn impatiently. school

It was the first day of school. This used to be a dreadful thought for me.(and for all my other friends) But this year I missed my friends and thought only about the good side of school. What could be that bad about school?

New Year In School=meeting friends,  having lunch together, playing throw-ball… etc. I don’t know why I didn’t realize it earlier. I can’t believe that for the past eight years that I spent in school, I forced myself to go to school and at that time school=tests, homework, exams, waking up at 6 in the morning. :/

I rushed to  outside where my van was waiting, before the man could honk further. I shouted a goodbye to my mother who was in the kitchen.

Once I climbed the van I found my friend Ananya inside. I smiled at her and said that she looked great in her new uniform. Since I was a year older than her, I had already worn that uniform. To be honest I liked the old one(skirt and blouse) much better. This uniform is a salwar kameez (a pair of light, loose pleated trousers worn by women from South Asia). It has those uncomfortable long sleeves that you wish you could just tear off. And in summer season, it just feels very hot and sweaty.

I met all my other van mates. Most of them had grown taller in the holidays. I felt the familiar, sudden rush of adrenaline, when I caught the first glimpse of my school. I entered the school ground and looked up my class in the second floor. I saw two of my friends upstairs and waved madly to them. I kept looking up and walking straight and was startled to hear a voice say,” Do you know our class teacher?” I turned around to see my best friend Tarani.

That was the question of the month. Who will be our teacher? I wanted a nice, friendly teacher. You know the kind who would say,”Okay students, no more studies today. You can all have a free period” or “It’s okay if you didn’t get your text book today, you don’t have to stand outside”. Most of us were worried because there was a certain rumor that Miss Deepa was going to have our class. I even had dreams of her chasing me with a bat because I didn’t brush my hair properly. I know right, nightmares can be so weird sometimes.

When I entered my class I caught up with my friends and we spoke for a while of how we spent our holidays and stuff. When it was almost five minutes to 8, Miss Chandrika came. My friends nudged each other. And I heaved a sigh of relief. Miss Chandrika was a nice teacher and could be very funny at times. Later, after prayer we introduced ourselves. There were also two new girls and boys. One girl who was very silent and the other one who had flown from Qatar.

We had a assembly that day and the vice principal spoke for a few minutes ( to which I did not pay special attention to ). It was the usual do’s and don’t’s speech. We had to sing a few bhajans( devotional songs ). After we dispersed we went back to our classes to have snacks. As I had brought two bananas for snacks  I thought that I could go and meet our last class teacher. I missed her and her friendly ways very much. Me and my friends spoke to her for a while.

It was a half day (from 8:00 am to 9:00 am). The time flew very quickly and after dispersal me and my other best friends Disha and Sharvari met at the ground for our regular walk to our transport. Sharvari goes by bus. Me and Disha go by private vans, so we walk together till the gate.

Back at home I realized that this might turn out to be a fun year after all. As long as you have your besties by your side and as long as they have your back, you’ll be fine…


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