Top Ten Indian Foods You Must Try….

Hi everyone!!

Indian dishes are famous for their spice, taste and delicious curries.Here is a list of the top ten Indian foods you all must try.


Chicken Kabab.jpg

Chicken Kebabs are pieces of deep fried chicken with a crispy and flavored packed coating. In India, this is a very popular dish in weddings and other functions.

2.Neer Dosa with kundapur ckicken


This is a South Indian, MOUTH WATERING specialty. Neer dosa means water dosa in Tulu(Local Mangalorean Language). Whenever I go to have dinner, I’ll be sure to have neer dosa.

3. Jalebi


This is a popular Indian sweet. It is made by deep frying maida flour in pretzel or circular shapes, which is then soaked in sugar syrup.


download (1).jpg

This is another syrupy dessert which is made from chhena and semolina dough, cooked in light syrup made of sugar.

5. Samosa

download (2).jpg

A samosa, is a fried or baked dish with a savoury filling, such as spiced potatoes, onions, peas, lentils, macaroni, noodles or minced meat.



Biryani, also known as biriyani or biriani, is a South Asian mixed rice dish. This is my favorite rice dish. The main ingredients of this dish are Rice, Indian spices, Vegetables, Meat, Egg, Yoghurt, Dried Fruits etc…

7.Palak Paneer

download (4).jpg

Palak paneer is a vegetarian dish originating from the Punjab region of the Indian Subcontinent, consisting of spinach, tomato gravy sauce and paneer in a thick paste made from puréed spinach and seasoned with garlic, garam masala, and other spices. Chapati and Palak Paneer is an awesome combo!!!

8. Idli


Idli is a traditional breakfast in South Indian households.The cakes are made by steaming a batter consisting of fermented black lentils (de-husked) and rice.

9. Pav Bhaji


Pav bhaji is a fast food dish from Maharashtra, consisting of a thick vegetable curry usually prepared in butter and served with a soft bread roll.

10. Panipuri



Panipuri is a common street snack in several regions of the Indian subcontinent. In East India, it is known as Phuchhka while in North India, it is called Golgappa.

There are still many more Indian dishes, but as the heading says ten, I’ll stop the list now:) Thank you so much for reading this post. Be sure to try them…


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