Goodudeepa day

I love to make a goodudeepa (kandeel, lantern)during deepavali.I wait for the Deepavali time of the year for this. In India, it is the most famous festival. It is called the “festival of lights”. It lasts for four days. All these four days our homes should be decorated brightly with deepas, lights and a goodudeepa to welcome the goddess of wealth Laksmi.

Every year I make a goodudeepa for the competition in our school, not to win, but for the sake of fun. Last year, I could not participate due to a marriage in the family. But this year I was very eager to participate. I have done a goodudeepa before, and I knew what to do, what not to do. It’s simple really. You just have to make up the structure and stick color paper over it.

This year me and my best friend tried out for the competition. We made a big goodudeepa, (bigger than the average goodudeepas of the rest of the students of our class).It took about 5 hours and we didn’t eat our snacks or lunch. We were hungry, and that urged us to do it  faster.

At the end everyone including our teacher and classmates admired our goodudeepa. This was my goodudeepa:)

We later hung it proudly in the auditorium and stood there fussing over and admiring it.We had so much fun that day. After studying the whole week a fun break is  what everyone needed…..

The results are yet to be announced. I don’t have much hopes to get even a bronze medal but I enjoyed making and decorating it with my friends. I loved the time we had. I loved the fun we had. I LOVED each and every moment. And best of all I loved that day, the day I’ve been waiting for the whole year.


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